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This year, we are thrilled that funds raised through our Ultra 1k event will go to support three amazing local food pantries in the Sunapee Region.

Food Insecurity knows no boundaries and impacts every community in every county across the United States. Food insecurity is the lack of access to enough food to live an active and healthy life for all household members. Food insecurity can mean having to make trade-offs between essential basic needs such as housing and medical bills over purchasing nutritionally adequate foods.*

According to Feeding America, in New Hampshire there are over 125,000 people struggling with hunger. Out of that number more than 34,000 are children**


Kearsarge Lake Sunapee Community (KLSC) Food Pantry

Established to help meet the emergency and everyday food and household needs of people in the Kearsarge-Lake Sunapee region who are experiencing financial hardship. The towns for this outreach include:  Andover, Bradford, Danbury, New London, Newbury, Salisbury, Springfield, Sunapee, Sutton, Warner and Wilmot. KLSC Food Pantry is up to 120 volunteers who help out.

In 2020, they served 1,217 households, which amounted to 3,483 people. In the later part of 2020, they had increased numbers, with nearly 100 families new to the Food Pantry.

They are located at 461 Main Street in New London and can be reached at 603-526-6511 or mdparadis@icloud.com.

Newport Food Pantry

Located in downtown Newport, the Newport Food Pantry helps those in need with everyday food and household items. They not only serve Newport but also Sunapee, Croydon, Goshen, Lempster and Unity. They help more than 150 families per month!

In 2020, the Newport Food Pantry went from their normal 20 volunteers to 1 volunteer and 1 director, due to COVID-19, but continued to support families in need.

The Newport Food Pantry is located at 95 Main Street in Newport, and can be reached at 603-863-3411.

Warner Connects NH Food Pantry

Located in Warner, New Hampshire, the Warner Connects NH Food Pantry also serves the surrounding towns of Andover, Bradford, Danbury, Henniker, Hill, Hopkinton, Newbury, New London, Salisbury, Sutton, Warner, Webster and Wilmot. They average about 100 hours a week of volunteer time, and currently have 10 volunteers. They have around 300 visits to the pantry each month.

Located at 49 West Main Street (rear of the building) in Warner, they can be reached at 603-456-2053 or warnerconnectsinfo@gmail.com.


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* Feeding American website, https://map.feedingamerica.org/, March 25, 2020.

**Feeding American website, https://www.feedingamerica.org/hunger-in-america/new-hampshire, March, 25, 2020




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