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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Dan was very knowledgeable of the market and how to best approach the market for a successful sale of our home. Dan pays great attention to all the important detail and features of our property to make it very attractive and appealing to the potential buyer. He was always very responsive and  prompt in answering all our questions. He has great knowledge of all the services a seller needs to make a house attractive. He recommended a first-rate staging service with whom we couldn't have been more pleased. Dan made great recommendations during the negotiation phase and we were very comfortable trusting adopting his advice 100%

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Dan is the best agent around. He has an incredible ability to be both infinitely positive and proactive and unfailingly honest. Several years ago he helped us buy our first home and he recently worked with us to sell our house. We had a challenging timeline to work with and he was able to get us a  great deal on the sale of our home. Even though he was only our listing agent this time around, I credit him with helping us keep the deal on the other end and get our dream home! He has the best team around!

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I worked with Josh on my relocation from San Diego to the New Hampshire Sunapee area and purchased a house in February 2020. It took me over 2 years to find the right property. Over this period Josh was very patient, instrumental in helping me learn the area better and work out the deal on the  property once we found it. Josh is also very knowledgeable regarding the real estate transaction process and was very effective in assisting with the various parties from inspectors to the mortgage lender to keep the process on track and on time. I would certainly work with Josh again!

We sold this second home from out of state. Lori was very willing and available to help us take care of details and tie up loose ends. She made this big project easy.

Lori was fantastic to work with. She was patient through months of us "window shopping," and always ready to quickly get us in to properties that we were interested in seeing. Most importantly, she navigated us through the process of purchasing a foreclosure, and we were able to tap into her  extensive network of local professionals for services including plumbing and septic work, home inspection and even mortgage services. Lori knew who to call to get our questions answered quickly and minimize the stress of the home-buying process, even through a foreclosure. Overall, she gave us straight-forward answers and feedback to help us make well-informed decisions.

Lori is great all around to partner with when buying a home -- and knows everything about the area - schools, neighborhoods, even the best tradespeople for any work that needs done. She even knows the ins and outs of working the area town halls, zoning, etc, if you have questions. Our experience of  buying our next new home for the first time in 22 years was tremendous...and it's because of Lori!

To say Lori is a good sales-person would be selling her short. She's a good person, and that helps her be great at helping others. If she didn't have an answer to a question we had, she had the person who did on speed-dial. She recommended excellent professionals for us to work with in the other  parts of home buying, and even with some of the repairs/upgrades we are doing. She stuck with us through a difficult process (on the other side - selling our last home) and even reached out to help smooth out some of the bumps with that transaction too. She showed us plenty of houses, and really had a feel for what we'd like. She made the hard stuff easy, and in every way made us feel like more than just clients. Lori simply could not have been better throughout the whole process. Top-notch!

Dan and Meghan were instrumental in helping our family sail through the buying process. Looking forward to working with their team as we prepare to sell our home.

We contacted Dan based on a reference from our other realtor, an excellent realtor in her own right, because we needed someone with expertise in the Sunapee region. Dan was very quick to respond. We set up a meeting, even though we were luke-warm on selling our home at the time. He showed up not  only with a great tailored marketing presentation, but also with an excellent attitude and personality. We knew right away that this was a solid reference. Fast forward a few months. We finally decided to sell, so I reached out to Dan to see about getting the wheels turning on selling the property. He was just as quick as the first few times to respond. We entered the market promptly with no hassle. Now, my wife and I are quite particular, and are always researching about anything we're involved in. For Dan, this meant that we were often contacting him with different ideas or questions about the process. He kept an excellent, professional attitude throughout the process. Perhaps some other realtors would have been turned off by such... involved... sellers, but not Dan. 5 weeks later, we had our offer... for a decent price, as well. A few weeks after that, we found ourselves at the closing table. It was a stressful time, as our Uhaul was sitting outside, all of our possessions within, ready to immediately leave for North Carolina. When Dan walked in, you could feel the positive energy. He had a genuine smile and a very chipper attitude. A bit later, we were leaving, all papers signed, the deal in the books. This process was completely painless with Dan. He is extremely knowledgeable of the Sunapee area, and real estate in general. In fact, he and his awesome assistant Taylor have knowledge in investment real estate as well. I hope we can find someone as excellent down here in North Carolina. If we could, we could rest assured that things would be smooth sailing from here on out.

We recently moved state and Dan made our home buying experience easy and seamless. He made himself available as and when needed to service our needs, whether it was a simple phone call, or last minute home showings. He is very knowledgeable of the area, and provided great insights with respect to  all areas of concern for us (i.e., schools, sporting opportunities, recreational opportunities, accessibility, etc.). Dan not only researched and showed us homes to consider, he also took the time to tour us around to give us a sense of what area had to offer. Dan is very in tune with market demands, pricing, and opportunity. He was very forthcoming regarding our transaction in terms of fair pricing, and future return on investment. He did a great job negotiating our sale, getting us optimum value for our money. We would highly recommend Dan to service whatever your real estate needs are.

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