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Sunapee Region Lakes and Pond Acreage and Towns

In the Sunapee region we are fortunate to have numerous Lakes and Ponds. I’ve found that whether you are familiar with our area, thinking about moving over full time, or considering a second home investment, it always helps to know what bodies of water are located in which towns. Below I have compiled a list of the 20 major bodies of water in our area, their acreage and the towns they reside in.

  • Baptist Pond–98.9 acres
    Springfield NH
  • Blaisdell Lake–158.2 acres
    Sutton NH
  • Crescent Lake–116.2 acres
    Acworth NH, Unity NH
  • Eastman Lake–350 acres
    Grantham NH
  • Highland Lake–210.9 acres
    Andover NH
  • Kezar Lake–181.6 acres
    Sutton NH
  • Lake Kolelemook–98.9 acres
    Springfield NH
  • Ledge Pond–110.1 acres
    Sunapee NH
  • Lake Massasecum–401.7 acres
    Bradford NH
  • Messer Pond–66.7 acres
    New London NH
  • Mountain View Lake–104.8 acres
    Sunapee NH
  • Otter Pond–170.4 acres
    Sunapee NH
  • Perkins Pond–157.1 acres
    Sunapeee NH
  • Pleasant Lake–605.9 acres
    New London NH
  • Lake Sunapee–4,085 acres
    New London NH, Newbury NH, Sunapee NH
  • Little Lake Sunapee–472.4 acres
    New London 
  • Lake Todd–168.2
    Bradford NH, Newbury NH
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