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Dan and Christina O'Halloran of the O'Halloran GroupAs the founders of The O’Halloran Group, Dan and Christina O’Halloran are known throughout the Lake Sunapee region and Northern New Hampshire as being accessible, knowledgeable, and caring business leaders and highly respected real estate professionals. They’re also avid outdoor enthusiasts, dog lovers, readers, technologists, and volunteers, among other things. Dan and Christina get as excited talking about their favorite ski trails and bike routes as they do helping buyers navigate a seller’s market and giving real estate investment advice to clients. As Dan says, “we feel very fortunate” and “understand the value of controlling our business and how we care for people,” which is not the case in all professions. Read on to learn more about this dynamic duo and how the O’Halloran Group got started.

In Pursuit of Happiness

Dan O’Halloran got his real estate license back in 2005. Prior to that he was in the financial industry and his dad was building houses in the Sunapee region. Then his dad “called him out” one day, and said “you’re miserable, you should get into real estate and leave your job”. Not wanting to give his dad the satisfaction of agreeing with him immediately, Dan denied the truth until, after further reflection, he realized his dad was right. He began his real estate career shortly after that.

Dan didn’t have a lot of success right away, but he believed if he continued to work hard and stayed rooted in his community and true to his values, eventually he would be able to create something really special. Sure enough, after about five years of hard work, things compounded and his business began to grow really quickly.

Building the Dream Team

From about 2010 to 2017, Dan’s business continued to grow rapidly and he realized its true potential was far greater than he had thought. Dan’s goal has always been to ensure his clients feel supported, are happy, and always have the best information possible. That led to both rave reviews from the buyers and sellers he helped and a strong belief that he could do even more to help people find their dream home. Because of that, Dan decided to join Keller Williams in 2017. Dan recognized that the systems and structure Keller Williams has in place to make the home buying and selling process smooth for everyone would only benefit his clients and to this day, he believes it’s one of the best decisions he’s made. At that time, Christina O’Halloran, who had been working as Director of Community Relations and Marketing at New London Hospital, decided to leave her job to team up with her husband and grow the O’Halloran Group even more. They welcomed new agents to their team and saw their business skyrocket. Dan had been handling a little over 30 transactions a year before joining forces with Keller Williams Lakes and Mountains Realty, and that number quickly grew to 50 and then to more than 100 in 2020.

Care and ContributionThe O'Halloran Group at the Hospital Days Event

The COVID-19 pandemic created a more challenging real estate market, which has reminded Dan and Christina of the value of their close community ties and the importance of giving back. Additionally, they’ve never been stronger believers in the technology and systems that buyers and sellers need, as well as having the most up to date and reliable information on the market. They’ve invested in the former and continued to provide the latter to all of their clients, agents, and friends. As Dan says, “our team’s foundation is built on care and contribution locally. It’s very hard and very emotional to buy or sell a house in any market, and especially after COVID-19 started and the market became even more competitive. We have people competing in a multiple offer situation. We help people stay motivated and not give up on finding their dream home.”

The O’Halloran Group’s mission, whether in today’s ultra competitive seller’s market or any market, is simple:

     To help our clients make great decisions around real estate with the best information possible.

The Best Support

Whether selling or buying a home in the Lake Sunapee Region or in New Hampshire's North Country, The O’Halloran Group has the experience and willingness to be straightforward and honest with their clients about what they should do to achieve their real estate goals. This extends beyond Dan and Christina, and building a team of dedicated real estate agents has been Dan’s passion. Because of the O’Halloran Group’s team model, their clients also get the best support, whenever they need it; they literally have a half dozen people looking out for their best interests at all times. In talking about his team, Dan admits he’s biased, saying “they’re the best. I absolutely love them” adding, “watching their growth from when they joined our team to now has been super rewarding and fascinating to see.”

Enjoying the Place We Call Home

Even with all of the success The O’Halloran Group has seen and the thousands of people they’ve helped, they’re still rooted in who they are and from where they come. They require their team to take vacation to both stay involved in and enjoy the beautiful place they call home. As Dan says, “in all of our business planning and goal meetings, it’s a constant conversation. Structured time away to unplug is essential and as a team, we’re set up to support each other and our clients regardless of who is available.” “We feel very fortunate” and want to help others feel the same, adds Dan, smiling as his dog barks in the background.

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