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North Country Visitor's Guide

In many ways, New Hampshire’s North Country is New England’s best kept secret.New Hampshire's North Country in Autumn Beautiful Fall Foliage

It’s one of the best places to live in New Hampshire for its friendly, safe communities, and for being a place where people care about being good neighbors. New Hampshire’s North Country also boasts some of New Hampshire’s best schools, less restrictive zoning, more accessible New Hampshire homes for sale, and significant recent investment in the area, fueling strong business growth. Even better, nowhere in the Eastern United States are mountains better known than New Hampshire’s White Mountains, which call the North Country home. Whether you’re an avid hiker, skier, rider, cyclist, snowmobiler, or partake in any other outdoor hobbies, the beautiful scenery, unspoiled nature, and unlimited adventures you can have in New Hampshire’s North Country are a huge reason people flock to this area. All in all, the North Country is an idyllic place to call home in New Hampshire.

The North Country is one of the best places to retire in New Hampshire, is a great place to relocate, and is one of the best places to raise a family in New Hampshire. Trust us, we’re Plymouth State grads, we coached skiing at Loon Mountain, we worked at Jean’s playhouse, and we always escape to one of our favorite North Country towns whenever we need a break. We can confidently say that whether you’re looking to buy North Country real estate or are simply planning a visit, you’ll quickly agree the North Country is a wonderful place to be. If you still aren't sure or have questions about the area, check out answers to questions we get asked frequently below, or reach out to our team of North Country real estate specialists at O'Halloran Group today.

North Country Area Visitor's Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

Where is New Hampshire’s North Country?

What constitutes New Hampshire’s North Country changes depending on who you ask. Many organizations and New Hampshirites consider the North Country region to cover the northern portion of New Hampshire, roughly one-third of the state, and some or all of Coos, Grafton, and Carroll Counties. Coos County comprises the northernmost region of New Hampshire, Grafton County borders Vermont on the west side of New Hampshire, south of Coos County, and Carroll County is directly east of Grafton County and calls Jackson, Conway, and parts of the Lakes Region home. Towns considered part of the North Country include Bath, Benton, Bethlehem, Campton, Easton, Franconia, Haverhill, Holderness, Landaff, Lincoln, Lisbon, Littleton, Lyman, Monroe, Plymouth, Rumney, Sugar Hill, Thornton, Waterville Valley, and Woodstock.

What makes the North Country one of the best places to live in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire’s North Country has seen an increase in interest in recent years due to its stunning natural surroundings, easy access to larger towns without feeling like you’re close to them, lower New Hampshire real estate prices than in many other areas of the state, and more reasonable taxes than in other states.

What makes the North Country one of the best places to retire in New Hampshire?

There are many great places to retire in New Hampshire, so when people ask us where we’d recommend they retire in New Hampshire, the answer is almost always “it depends”. That said, some towns are consistently recognized as being the best places to retire in New Hampshire, and throughout New England. In particular, Plymouth, New Hampshire is often cited as a top place to retire in New Hampshire. Grafton County and Carroll County are home to several great towns popular with retirees, and Plymouth is a great choice because it’s big enough, while not being too big, offers great New Hampshire real estate options for retirees, is close to several ski areas, has a lot happening because of Plymouth State University, is very community-centric, and boasts a lower cost of living than the New Hampshire average. That said, even if you choose not to retire in Plymouth, NH, there are several towns in New Hampshire that are known for being some of the best places to retire in the United States. 

According to WalletHub's list of the best and worst states to retire, New Hampshire is the 10th best state overall in which to retire and ranks as the #1 place to retire to have the best quality of life. New Hampshire also gets top ranking for having the most residents aged 65 and older who are in “good or better health”. Other things that make New Hampshire an ideal place to retire are its low crime rate (the second-lowest in the nation), low property crime rate (also the second lowest), wonderful air quality (best out of all 50 states), and high ration of family medicine physicians per capita (fourth-highest in the U.S.). What's more, New Hampshire's tax-free social security retirement benefits are a huge perk and incomes from pensions are also untaxed in New Hampshire.

What are the biggest towns in New Hampshire’s North Country?

The biggest towns in New Hampshire's North Country are Campton, Lincoln, Plymouth, and Littleton, New Hampshire, although other towns have seen significant real estate activity in recent years due to area attractions and landmarks like ski areas (for example, Cannon Mountain, Loon Mountain, and Waterville Valley Resort), lakes (for example, Lake Gardner, Echo Lake, and Stinson Lake), schools and colleges (for example, The Holderness School, The White Mountain School, and Plymouth State University), and new and growing businesses (check out the North Country Chamber of Commerce's Facebook page for northern Coos County business spotlights). Other well known towns in New Hampshire's North Country include Lincoln, Holderness, Franconia, Bethlehem, Haverhill, Waterville Valley, Sugar Hill, Woodstock, Lisbon, Rumney, Bath, Easton, Lyman, Monroe, Landaff, and Benton.

Why do people live in New Hampshire’s North Country?

There are so many reasons to love living in New Hampshire's North Country. The proximity to nature, amenities found in its larger cities, including a well known college town, high quality of living, and great schools top the list of reasons to love living in Northern New Hampshire; however, there are so many more. To learn more about this area and the best place to live for you, reach out to our team of New Hampshire real estate specialists at O'Halloran Group.

Is Northern New Hampshire a good place to live?

Northern New Hampshire is known for its rural beauty, high quality of life, peaceful towns, and community-centric mindset. The area has also received significantly more attention and investment in recent years which has helped the economy, created an even more business friendly climate, and is drawing new residents to its many towns, such as Littleton, Lincoln, Campton, Plymouth, and Franconia, among others.

Are there jobs in Northern New Hampshire?

Yes! Especially due to recent reinvestment in the area, New Hampshire's economy, especially in the North Country, has seen a noticeable boost and is in a very favorable position to continue to grow in the coming years.


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