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Sunapee Region Real Estate and Spring 2018 Events

Starting 2018 Strong!

Happy Spring! The real estate market is still strong, and the numbers certainly don't lie! Below you will find 2017 year-end stats reflectingthe Lake Sunapee Region, lake specific market stats, information about our new agent,spring-time happenings, our featured listingsand more cool information!

Sunapee Region Real Estate

The numbers are in and 2017 finished just two sales behind 2016's record year! As you will see in the chart below, the median sales price has gone up to $240,000 just $20,000 higher than last year. From a comparison standpoint, in the year 2000, the median price was $130,000!

Real estate inventory remains low and there are more buyers than available homes.The housing shortage, paired with the low 30-year mortgage rates, lead to eager buyers and a market that is prime for selling. If you have been considering selling your home, or know someone who is, it may be the right time to have a comparative market analysis (CMA) on your home. CMAs are a free service that will provide you with an understanding of your homes value in our current real estate market. Please feel free to call/text us at 603-252-6428 or send us an email today.

Sunapee Region Real Estate

Our Team is Growing!

Sunapee Region Real Estate

The OHalloran Group is pleased to welcome REALTOR Josh Lizotte to our Keller Williams, Lakes and Mountains Realty team. Josh comes to the OHalloran Group with a background in both the insurance and banking

industries. In his prior role as a mortgage originator, Josh helped clients navigate the home buying process, providing personalized guidance and advice. Joshs professional experience, paired with his in-depth know

ledge of the local communities and the real estate market, allows him to partner with his clients and provide an enjoyable home buying experience. In addition to working with home buyers, Josh serves on the board of directors for the Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce, and on the board of the Lake Sunapee Region Young Professionals Network. Lake Sunapee Region Realtor Sunapee Region Realtors

Sunapee Region RealtorSpring Has Sprung!

Spring is officially here, and the snow is slowly melting away. With the longer days, and the soon-to-be warmer weather, comes new and fun activities and adventures to enjoy in the Lake Sunapee Region. Below is a quick punch list of events and happenings coming up over the next few months, along with some helpful sites to visit when planning your springtime fun!

Upcoming Events

March 31 - Pound Skimming at Ragged Mountain An annual spring celebration with many activities for all to take part in, including.pond skimming! Also scheduled for this day is Raggeds Tap Takeover event featuring Long Trail Brewery, Otter Creek Brewery and The Shed Brewery. http://raggedmountainresort.com/Events/

April 5 - First Thursday Hike at The Fells In the mood for a little fresh air? Visit the Fells Historic Estate and Gardens for a moderate one-hour group hike! https://thefells.org/view-upcoming/

April 7 - Mount Sunapee's Annual Cardboard Sled Race The perfect blend of winter and spring fun! Head to Mount Sunapee for this family friendly race down Eggbeater. This years theme is intergalactic! http://www.mountsunapee.com/mtsunapeewinter/onthemountain/events/eventdetails/sledrace.asp

May 26 - Lake Sunapee Cruises Opens for the Season Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Sunapee on a daytime excursion with the MV MT Sunapee II or hop on the MV Kearsarge Restaurant Ship for a dinner cruise with sunset views.http://www.sunapeecruises.com/

June 13 - The New London Barn Playhouse Season Begins The New London Barn Playhouse opens for their 86th Summer Season with Camelot! Check out their awesome line-up here: https://nlbarn.org/2017/11/30/2018_season/

Live Outside!

One of the best ways to explore this beautiful region is on foot. Here are a couple resources that will help you plan your excursions.

Ausbon Sargent Hiking Trails can be found throughout our region. Check out their website for more information or visit the New London Conservation Commission for trail maps.

The Sunapee Ragged Kearsarge Greenway, a 75-mile loop of hiking trails, makes it easy to shake off that cabin fever and get outside! Check out their trail maps:

Mount Kearsarge and Mount Sunapee. Both of these local mountains offer fantastic trail options for day hikes. If hiking isnt in your plans, but packing a picnic and enjoying beautiful scenery is, head to Winslow State Park in Wilmot or Rollins State Park in Warner. Both have access roads that take you to picnic areas offering beautiful views.

Sunapee Regio Real Estate BlogSunapee Region Real Estate Blog Sunapee Region Real Estate Blog

Lake Sunapee Region Home Sales - April 2018

This April home sales were down just one sale when compared to April 2017. There were 44 home sales with a median price of $236,750. Inventory continues to be a challenge, so if you are thinking about selling your home or know someone who is, please feel free to give us acall/email/text!

Below is the historical home sales data and what soldbytown this past month.

Andover, NH

  • $131,250 - 757 Main Street, Andover NH
  • $157,000 - 131 Flaghole Road, Andover NH
  • $282,000 - 27 Bradley Loop Road, Andover NH

Bradford, NH

  • $190,000 - 127 Old Warner Road, Bradford NH
  • $239,000 - 2180 Route 114, Bradford NH
  • $305,000 - 98 Massasecum Ave, Bradford NH

Goshen, NH

  • $175,000 - 308 Mill Village Rd, Goshen NH


  • $157,000 - 119 Lumber Lane, Grantham NH
  • $160,000 - 47 Draper Mill Road, Grantham NH
  • $169,000 - 3 Slalom Drive, Grantham NH
  • $209,000 - 14 Butternut Road, Grantham NH
  • $233,000 - 26 Troon Drive, Grantham NH
  • $277,500 - 90 View Place, Grantham NH
  • $291,000 - 16 Robin Lane, Grantham NH
  • $360,000 - 5 Finch Place, Grantham NH
  • $600,000 - 6 Allens Drive, Grantham NH

Lempster NH

  • $304,900 - 49 North Shore, Lempster NH

New London NH

  • $236,000 - 538 County Road, New London NH
  • $350,000 - 98 Blueberry Lane, New London NH
  • $425,000 - 11 Dixie Lane, New London NH
  • $442,500 - 39 Seamans Road, New London NH
  • $452,500 - 354 Hall Farm Road, New London NH
  • $480,000 - 126 Spruce Lane, New London NH
  • $490,000 - 139 Page Road, New London NH
  • $3,125,000 - 425 Lakeshore Drive, New London NH

Newbury NH,

  • $230,000 - 199 Pleasant View Road, Newbury NH
  • $325,000 - 7 Lakeside Road, Newbury NH
  • $345,000 - 51 Washington Street, Newbury NH
  • $675,000 - 41 Blye Hill Landing Road, Newbury NH

Newport NH

  • $208,000 - 15 Pine Street, Newport NH

Sunapee NH

  • $144,000 - 7 Glenwood Drive, Sunapee NH
  • $289,000 - 212 Bradford Road, Sunapee NH
  • $756,000 - 21 Fox Run Road, Sunapee NH

Sutton NH

  • $212,400 - 8 Meetinghouse Hill Road, Sunapee NH

Unity NH

  • $125,000 - 288 West Unity Road, Unity NH
  • $130,000 - 40 Anderson Road, Unity NH

Warner NH

  • $330,000 - 26 West Main Street, Warner NH

Washington NH

  • $67,000 - 161 Bradford Springs Road, Washington NH
  • $85,000 - 2120 Valley Road, Washington NH
  • $199,900 - 224 Ashuelot Drive, Washington NH
  • $472,000 - +6 Ashuelot Drive, Washington NH

Wilmot NH,

  • $142,500 - 63 Jewell Road, Wilmot NH
  • $196,000 - 104 Pine Hill Road, Wilmot NH
  • $198,900 - 33 NH Route 4a, Wilmot NH

There were no sales in the following towns for April

Croydon, NH,Springfield NH

Lake Sunapee Region Home Sales - February 2019

Although the first day of Spring is right around the corner, home inventory remains low and buyer interest is high. If you are thinking of buying or selling, or know someone who is, please feel free to give us acall/email/text!

Below is the historical home sales data and what sold by town this past month.

Andover, NH
$90,000 - 5 Stewart Street, Andover, NH
$244,900 - 180 Bridge Road, Andover, NH

Bradford, NH
$199,500 - 22 Greenhouse Lane, Bradford, NH
$215,000 - 16 High Street, Bradford, NH
$250,000 - 15 Steele Road, Bradford, NH
$500,000 - 32 West Meadow Road, Bradford, NH

Grantham, NH
$133,050 - 52 Troon Drive, Grantham, NH
$218,000 - 12 Slalom Drive, Grantham, NH
$242,000 - 11 Bogie Place, Grantham, NH
$307,000 - 70 Troon Drive, Grantham, NH

Lempster, NH
$91,000 - 69 Nichols Road, Lempster, NH

New London, NH
$353,000 - 121 Page Road, New London, NH
$482,000 - 1058 Main Street, New London, NH
$485,000 - 156 Davis Hill Road, New London, NH

Newbury, NH
$770,000 - 250 Rollins Road, Newbury, NH

Newport, NH
$90,000 - 46 Bascom Road, Newport, NH
$120,000 - 30 Middle Street, Newport, NH
$140,400 - 16 Beverly Street, Newport, NH
$173,000 - 45 Palmay Hill Drive, Newport, NH
$213,000 - 91 Chestnut, Newport, NH

Springfield, NH
$266,000 - 35 Winding Wood Road, Springfield, NH
$345,200 - 200 Oak Hill Road West, Springfield, NH

Sunapee, NH
$183,000 - 8 Depot Street, Sunapee, NH
$249,000 - 16 Sunnyside Drive, Sunapee, NH
$425,000 - 13 Maple Street, Sunapee, NH

Sutton, NH
$225,000 - 90 Anderson Road, Unity, NH
$236,500 - 205 Baker Hill Road, Sutton, NH

Unity, NH
$110,000 - 208 N Shore Road, Unity, NH
$126,900 - 676 Unity Springs Road, Unity, NH
$140,000 - 8 Skyline Road, Unity, NH
$180,000 - 3 Judkins Road, Unity, NH

Warner, NH
$44,000 - 43 Melvin Mills Road, Warner, NH
$110,000 - 65 Toms Pond Lane, Warner, NH
$285,000 - 16 Danny Boy Lane, Warner, NH
$420,000 - 94 Howe Lane Warner, NH

There were no sales inAndover, Croydon, Goshen, and Wilmot,NH for February.

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