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January 2021 Sales

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January 2021 Home Sales

Home sales in the Lake Sunapee Region started off strong for 2021, with a total of 41 sales in January! That is more than the previous record of 40 in 2020. Grantham lead the way with 9 sales, and Newport followed closely with 8. Median sales price is also on the rise--to learn more about January home sales in the Lake Sunapee Region, check out this post.

2020 Lake Sunapee Home Sales

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It may come as no surprise but 2020 was a noteworthy year for waterfront home sales on Lake Sunapee. Since the record year of 2014, lakefront home sales have hovered around 20 sales per year until 2020 when 31 properties sold. In comparison to 2014, the median sales price was $225,000 higher and the average was up $431,213 breaking the two million mark. See what properties sold on Lake Sunapee and view historic home sales data.

Home Sales, December 2020

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The December numbers are in confirming that the 2020 Sunapee Region real estate market is one for the books! We saw the highest number of single-family homes sold this December since we have been keeping records going all the way back to 2005. The median annual sales price also considerably increased for the region. This post breaks down homes sold by town, what they sold for, and compares December 2020 sales to historical homes sales data for our region. Learn more about real estate in the Sunapee Region.

Home Sales, November 2020

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The Sunapee region real estate market continues to hold strong in both number of homes sold and sales price. November 2020 outpaced November 2019 significantly with a drastic increase in single-family home sales and median list and sold price. This post will show you what homes sold, what they sold for, and where the real estate market stands in the Sunapee region—read more here.


Home Sales, September 2020

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September single family home sales in the Lake Sunapee Region were up significantly compared to September 2019. As in other parts of New Hampshire, homes newly listed on the market are continuing to go under contract quickly, causing much stress for many looking to buy. Out of the 82 homes sold in September, 46 of those properties were on the market for less than a month before closing. Read more about the Lake Sunapee Real Estate Market here.

Home Sales, May 2020

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In May there were 50 home sales in the Lake Sunapee Region, 15 sales less than what sold in May 2019. The median sales price increased by $35,000 and the average Days on Market dropped from 117 to 88. Check out this post to learn what homes sold, what towns had the most sales, and how the local real estate market in May 2020 compares to historical home sales data.

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